UAE Audience Measurement Committee Meeting to Review Consultant’s SOW and Costs

Led by:

Asad Rehman @Unilever

Attended by:

Pierre Choueiri & Walid Yared @Choueiri

Group Ravi Rao @GroupM

Shadi Kandil @MBWW (part of MCN Media Brands)

Tarek Daouk @DentsuAegis

Ibrahim Kadiri @Google

Naheel Abdelall @Beiersdorf

Omar Katerji @Ferrero

Sofianne Haddadi @LÓreal

Anna Germanos @Facebook

Tony Evans @Facebook (who joined us for the first 30 mins)

Amine Sadik @P&G

The meeting’s specific objective was to review the proposal to engage the consultant for Phases 1 and 2. We also took the opportunity to align the group on other points. To view the whole deck, click here.

The meeting started with a recap of the four-phase project and reiterated the intent to keep the project as close to the articulated deliverables as possible.

 Facebook’s Feedback on WFA Involvement, and project scope

Tony Evans from Facebook spoke about Facebook’s POV on a formal engagement with WFA. He outlined how WFA’s guidelines are landing with specific details in the US and UK.

It was mentioned that ABG is a partner for WFA and that ABG has reached out to establish a formal connection with this project. We intend to explore at what level WFA would like to be involved, but it is our intention to make sure that key milestones within this project are completely aligned to WFA principles.

Tony also said it is important that the consultant running the project is not only aware of WFA guidelines but helps close the loop in technical details. When Shadi Kandil presented the consultant’s SOW, he stated WFA alignment should indeed be part of the consultant’s SOW.

Tony also recommended that the scope of the project should be beyond just online video and that some of the new formats, like vertical stories, are an essential component of consumer behavior and should be considered. At this time, Pierre Choueiri also said it is crucial that linear TV is part of the work.

Ravi and Shadi said whilst both of the above points are crucial and have indeed been captured in our minutes, as well as the agreed and aligned scope of work, it is important to keep in mind that we are starting from a point of no industry data, and also that getting to an ideal measurement system will be a journey that cannot be achieved in one go.

The committee also deliberated on the fact that, whilst we may look to enhance the scope of the solution as much as we can, we should also bear in mind that we may not be able to afford a ‘holy grail’ as yet.

The room concluded that all the above points will be considered within the RFP and the selection of the scope of the project.

Scope of Work for Consultant’s Engagement:

Shadi Kandil of MCN (who was trusted by the committee to craft and negotiate the SOW for the engagement of the consultant) presented the proposal that was shortlisted by the Cross-Media committee work stream.

The proposal from Houda Koussa covers all stages of the project. The first two stages cost a fixed fee of AED 150,000/- with an ongoing fee of AED 65,000 per month for Phase 3 onwards.

There were questions on whether the group has considered alternate solutions like Accenture and Ebiquity. The committee responded that the actual consultant’s appointment for the larger project is separate to managing the four phases of the project. It was also pointed out that it is important that we appoint someone who is truly independent and does not represent the interest of media, platforms, agencies, or the clients.

The committee then considered the scope of the consultant in detail.

It was decided unanimously that the UAE Audience Measurement Committee will recommend the appointment of Houda Koussa at the proposed cost, to the ABG Board. It was also agreed that the recommended funding mechanism to ABG is to equally split this cost across all members. At this point, several members said that they will be happy to underwrite any gaps in funding of this proposal if the situation demands.

It was also agreed that this committee will request an extra ordinary board meeting of the ABG to present the proposal.

Communication Plan

Lastly, Asad Rehman of Unilever presented the project’s Communication Plan, based on principles of driving industry alignment, transparency, and support from the industry on the funding of the project.

The communication plan, in the attached deck, will be presented to the ABG Board as a recommendation from the UAE Audience Measurement Committee. It was also mentioned that ABG has indicated support to fund the website and the cost of an editor to manage this communication plan.

Meeting concludes


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