Key Actions: X-Media Committee Meeting with WFA

Below are the captured actions from the meeting between WFA- represented by Matt Green – and the Cross-Media Subgroup consisting of Omar Katerji (Ferrero), Shadi Kandil (MBWW), Asad Rehman (Unilever), İbrahim Kadiri (Google), Ravi Rao (Group M), Walid Yared (Choueiri Group), and Houda Koussa (Archers Consultants).

  1. ABG to source the documents from Matt of various work done by WFA. These include the WFA Principles of Cross Platform Measurement document, and the WFA Draft Approach and Framework.
  2. In view of the fact that WFA will not consider us as a third pilot market, and that a potential roll out working within their framework will require waiting till 2023, the working group agreed that we will still move forward with the RFP. This is  specially considering that we do not have any semblance of cross platform measurement in place at all in UAE.
  3. Ibrahim Kadiri to source the ISBA – RSMB document that has built a draft UK solution based on the WFA global approach.
  4. We also agreed that Houda will modify the working draft to include the following and share with the wider Audience Measurement Committee by the 5th Nov:
  • WFA Principles (Advertiser and Industry)
  • The VID based approach as in the WFA Draft Approach
  • A “Pre implementation” phase where the selected partner will have to work with digital partners to identify and build a solution for the approach. This phase will also include a solution for linear TV through means such as RPD etc.

We also agreed that we will put across a motion to include SnapChat, TikTok, and MBC to be included in the committee when we meet on the 11th of November – to be blessed by the committee.



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