Invitation to Express Intent to Participate in the UAE Cross Media Measurement Project.

In March this year, the Advertising Business Group embarked on a journey to co-create a cross platform advertising audience measurement system in the United Arab Emirates. ABG is a local industry association which consists of leading advertisers such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, Loreal, Mars, Pepsi, Ferrero and Beiersdorf amongst many others. ABG also has representation from key traditional and digital media companies such as Choueiri Group, MBC, Facebook, Google, SnapChat and TikTok. ABG also has strong representation from major agency holding groups such as MCN(IPG), WPP, Omnicom, Dentsu Aegis and Publicis Groupe.

ABG is a local partner to World Federation of Advertisers and is committed to following the WFA Cross Media Measurement Principals and Technical Blueprint. While UAE is not one of the global pilot markets at this stage, we aim to make sure that the solution we land will be ready to embrace the globally aligned methods when the time is right.

For reference to, and appraisal of these documents, please look up the WFA website. For complete details of the UAE project and the scope of it, please refer to the following website.

As highlighted in our scope, we are not looking for a TV first approach but including linear TV in our discussions is mandatory. We are also keen to hear thoughts on how this can be a step-by-step approach, picking up the most important pieces of the work first, and laying out the roadmap for channels that may not be crucial in the first stage of the project.

ABG is now inviting expressions of intent to participate in the RFP process. Our intent to invite interest from companies who are keen to work alongside the new WFA approach, as opposed to old methodologies of panel and tags or pixel-based measurement methods.

The companies do not necessarily have to have a presence in UAE now, but should be committed to land their solution, either by way of their direct presence or through appropriate local partnerships.

If your company is keen to participate, please get in touch with us at the details given at the end of this document. When you respond, please send your company credentials, details of the lead contact from your company for this project, as well as a brief note on your understanding and commitment to the WFA Principles and Draft Approach, and your experience in cross media measurement projects. Please also provide details of either your existing presence in the UAE, or commitment to create a presence in the market to provide this service to the industry.

We will be looking to short-list 5 companies to whom the detailed RFP will then be issued. Details on governance and timelines of that RFP process will be shared post the short-listing of the partner companies.

Please send your intent to participate before 30th of Nov, 2020 to the following contact:

Charlotte Fernandes,

Advertising Business Group Secretariat


Please make sure all your submissions are in electronic form- given COVID situations with physical addresses.



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