Decision to Appoint Archers Research & Brand Consultancy, and Sources of Funds.

Following the decision to appoint Archers Research & Brand Consultancy, and the request to the ABG members to fund the SOW highlighted in our minutes of the meeting, we are glad to report that the funding for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project has been secured.

We will now proceed with the appointment of the consultant, with clear SOW, SLA and outputs as outlined in our project road-map as well as in the SOW shared.

Below is the complete list of companies and their contributions to the funding of Phase 1 and Phase 2.

OrganisationContribution (AED)
ABG                           25,000
Choueiri Group                          13,095
Unilever                          13,095
Google                          13,095
Loreal                            7,143
Beiersdorf                            7,143
Nestle                            7,143
Proctor & Gamble                            7,143
Ferrero                            7,143
Facebook                            7,143
Publicis Groupe                            7,143
Group M                            7,143
Ominicom Media Group                            7,143
MCN                            7,143
Denstu Aegis                            7,143
MIS                            7,143
Total                        150,001
List of ABG Members and their respective contribution to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Funding.



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Partho Dasgupta
Partho Dasgupta
3 years ago

Respected members of ABG,

Given my strong background in Audience measurement, I have listed down a broad framework of things that ABG may need to consider at this stage.
Each of these pieces are nuanced and need to be sensitively handled so that as the Media measurement body matures and evolves, it remains scalable. Having studied various JICs around the world, it will be better if these could be thought through while starting up itself. One may also think carefully which pieces to buy and which to develop by the company itself.
Media Measurement – Scope
·      Formation of JIC – The charter/Articles of Association 
·      Structure – with an eye towards funding and governance
·      Business structure – which pieces to make or buy
o   Technology – meters – the prices determine scalability
o   Software meters for digital media
o   Processing capabilities – Server/cloud
o   Playout monitoring – linear and non linear
o   Workflow assessment – for non linear digital content
o   Software – pre processing and output with UI – numerous options exist in the world – which is better for the country
o   Universe estimates
o   Big Data for demographic attribution
o   Measurement science – principles and rules
o   Field operations – ideally thru a local field force – telecom, FMCG (not necessarily Market Research)
o   People – Recruiting critical leadership team
·      Business Plan
·      Pricing – can be a contentious issue
·      Putting pieces to place – tendering & contracts
·      Coordinating system integration
·      Rollout and testing
·      Evangelizing and launch
·      Initial hand holding

As you may be aware, I have a long background in consumer and media industry,  having managed print, television properties and then lately measurement. My link to linkedin profile is given.
I could elaborate these further over meetings with you and your board.

Partho Dasgupta

Handphone : +919820734300


Reply to  Partho Dasgupta
3 years ago

Thank you Partho. We will certainly reach out when we get into the team expansion phase. Do keep an eye out on any opportunities on our website in the meantime.

3 years ago

Dear Assad and ABG members

I hope my email finds you well.

I read with great pleasure the official announcement that ABG recently released about the multimedia measurement in UAE, I believe this is a great initiative, very much needed, and specially if organized and sponsored by the ABG. I am sending this email to inform you, that we at Ipsos, were already working on launching a cross media measurement in UAE, replicating the technology that we are deploying in the UK. We started the planning for this in October 2019, working with our Ipsos global team and our colleagues in London. We now have the official green light to start this project after finalizing all the details, and our plan was to announce it officially to the market this month.
This is a very important project for Ipsos and the media and advertising industry in UAE, as it allows us to measure TV, Radio and Digital, on a single source panel using one single application that can be installed on the smartphone, it is totally passive. We have always worked very closely with our colleagues in the UK, and we always try to replicate their success stories into our region, so in addition to this project, we were also planning on launching the Digital audience measurement project that we won in the UK also with UKOM called Ipsos iris, into our region also, but the first priority is now for the multimedia passive measurement which will be the foundations of an expanded digital measurement.
Our plan, was to do an announcement and then talk to the ABG committee to invite you to take part of this project since the beginning, so that we can input your technical details, so your announcement came as a very nice surprise to us, since we are planning to do the same.
We have been committed to this region and doing the audience measurement of media since more than 30 years, and we wish to continue doing so, and introducing the latest technologies, being part of one the largest research groups in the world, with presence in more than 90 countries.

This email, is to officially inform you, that we are willing to cooperate with you on this project, by fully involving you from the start, giving you input to the design stage and having a transparent view of all the phases, from planning to the data delivery and which also allow you to put in place from the beginning a continuous auditing system.

Please let me know how you wish to take this important matter further


Elie Aoun, CEO
Ipsos Media Cluster MENA

Reply to  ELIE AOUN
3 years ago

Elie, thank you for reaching out and for using our website to have this discussion.

We have not reached the stage where we need to engage the potential partners as of yet. We are working through our project plan which you can see on our website. Our next step is to validate our thinking, and then turn that into an RFP. It may be that it is a good match with what you have right now, and it may be that it demands changes to how you are doing things to comply to our requests- we dont know yet.

We will engage with you when we start conversations with our potential partners.


Stuart Wilkinson
Stuart Wilkinson
3 years ago

Dear ABG:

Congratulations on establishing this important project.

I really appreciate the openness of the communication and your planning approach. It is exemplary.

We would be interested to participate in the development as it proceeds.

Please add me to the invitees for a potential RFI.

Yours sincerely,


Stuart Wilkinson
International Digital Business Development Director, Media Division
+44 (0) 7557 632151

Reply to  Stuart Wilkinson
3 years ago

Dear Stuart,

We will be sending out an official “call for intent to participate in the RFP” very soon. Will be delighted to have you included.