ABG Chairman’s Letter to the ABG Members on UAE Measurement Project

Dear Members,

In January this year, ABG Board decided to work on an important and widescale project of Cross Platform Measurement in UAE. This project runs parallel to similar conversations in KSA which are being run by the Ministry of Media there.

In UAE, we formed a cross-industry leadership committee to drive and lead this project. This group brings together some of the most influential people in the industry, and  includes names like Pierre Choueiri, Elda Choucair, Tarek Daouk, Ibrahim Kadiri, Pierric Duthoit, Shadi Kandil, Ravi Rao, TJ Lightwala, Naheel Abdelall, Sofiane Haddadi, and Omar Katerji. This group is being led by Asad Rehman from Unilever.

The group comes together with an ambition to put together an online video first cross platform measurement system in the UAE. A clear benefit of that is helping the advertising and media industry grow and recover from some of the recent revenue losses due to economic situation in the region. It is also to help advertisers and marketers get a realistic view of how efficient their investments are.

The project is underpinned by a value system of Cross Industry Collaboration and Alignment, Transparency, a solid Commitment to Fund the research, and by the spirit of Speed & Agility.

The group has since made considerable progress. Some highlights below:

  • Agreement on the scope of the project. Attached a one pager for your reference.
  • Decision to split the project into sour distinct workstreams to progress on simultaneously.
  • Agreement on a roadmap for the project. Attached is also a deck that brings that to life for your reference.
  • Agreement on the way forward. You will see minutes of the meetings attached here for your reference too.

At the recent board meeting, we had a brief update on the project. This email is intended to give you an update and to give you a view of the work done, in case you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. We will have regular updates issued at each crucial step of the project with an opportunity for everyone in the industry to feedback and contribute.

If you do, please reach out to Charlotte Fernandes (insert email) or Asad Rehman (asad.rehman@unilever.com).

Kind regards,

Sanjiv Kakkar

EVP Unilever MENA, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey & Belarus & ABG Chairman



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